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Looking for Aginext 2020? The fourth edition of this agile at scale conference will take place 19-20 March 2020. Tickets are selling out fast — just check out our wonderful line-up of inspiring talks and speakers!


Wed, 19th February, 2020
| 6:30 PM
An Agile Dinner to chat about Agile and eat good food — We are agile, we can do both! This evening we are very happy to have Helen Meek as our Speaker Guest, who is an expert in Kanban and Coaching. Helen is an outgoing and driven coach and trainer who is passionate about working with...
Wed, 19th February, 2020
| 6:30 PM
Wed, 19th February, 2020
| 8:00 PM
Thu, 20th February, 2020
| 6:30 PM
Tue, 10th March, 2020
| 8:00 AM


Why should you speak at a conference? Why should you speak at Aginext?

The Call for Speakers for the 4th Annual Aginext Conference is open now through 30 November 2019.
With that in mind, we are going to look at the reasons you should apply to speak at more industry conferences, meetups and events.
To Learn: Nothing lets you understand what you’ve been doing better than processing lessons into a talk and accepting feedback and questions on it.
To Recruit: Enthusiastically sharing your team’s journey …

"Fabulous workshops, thanks to all those running them today! " Libby H.

"Had a fantastic day at Agile Tour London #ATLDN Thanks to everyone who took part in our Game of Flows - it's amazing how much creativity is hidden away in teams - let's get it out there!!! " Modulearn

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