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Rethinking Retrospectives — Online and Off

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Are your retrospectives improving overtime? Or perhaps you aren’t even measuring that?
In this month’s Lean Coffee, we had a hearty debate and warm sharing of experiences running the most sacred of Agile rituals: the Retrospective.
This community newsletter will try to summarise some of that fun. We also wanted to remind you that the Aginext Community is here for you. One creative — unusual even — way …

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How to have fun at a remote team holiday party (or maybe don’t)

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We asked our warm and welcoming community how their team is celebrating each other and the end of a year, while still being physically distant. Today we share some of the ideas.
Remote Team Holiday Fun #1: Play Games
Steph said her team is taking the afternoon off on a Friday to have fun together doing a few of their favourite things. First with a quiz on Kahoot, followed by breakout …