Business Not Engaged? Let’s Fix That - With Clarke Ching

Business Not Engaged? Let’s Fix That – With Clarke Ching


Start Time:

21 January, 2021, 6:30 PM

End Time:

21 January, 2021, 8:30 PM

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This is an online talk that starts at 18.30 GMT. There is no guarantee it will be recorded on the night.

About the Talk
If your agile team is fast, but you’re slowed down – or going very quickly in the wrong direction – because your “customers” aren’t engaged, then you’ll find this session fascinating and useful. The problem isn’t motivation or politics … it’s something else and it’s far easier to fix than you think.

About the Speaker

Clarke Ching, aka “The Bottleneck Guy”, has been powered by the Theory of Constraints since the 1990s, and Agile since 2003. He wrote Rolling Rocks Downhill and The Bottleneck Rules. He makes his living teaching Agile folk how to solve their gnarliest problems using Agile Plus ToC.

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