NEU BAU: Creative and rational ways of work

NEU BAU: Creative and rational ways of work


Start Time:

9 July, 2020, 6:00 PM

End Time:

9 July, 2020, 7:00 PM

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Encourage innovation in products and processes with the CLIMATE and SALVe models.

Zak Moore is a creative agile coach, mentor and inventor of several models. He founded “Time and Emotion” to share his techniques and let others pick and mix the bits that they want or need. To help you understand what you can have he explains how to use agile – or any other – management method to find time, create at speed and gain trust and influence from those around you.

Overview of these tools:
Climate and SALVe are new models that encourage and assist with innovation of both products and processes.

– Climate is a simple 10 dimension measure to assess individual and team psychological space. Stay Safe.

– SALVe stands for: Scan, Analyse, Lean, Value. It is endorsed by the leading Product and Project Management method makers: Less, DaD, DSDM & SAFe.
SALVe blends creative and rational ways of work. It provides easy to understand techniques and tools to apply creative thinking at work.

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