"Preparing The Future Workforce For A ‘VUCA’ World"

“Preparing The Future Workforce For A ‘VUCA’ World”


Start Time:

10 November, 2020, 6:00 PM

End Time:

10 November, 2020, 8:00 PM

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Agile working is being increasingly adopted in both international organisations and smaller start-ups operating in VUCA environments. The adoption of Agile methodologies has proven to have several impacting benefits that will determine the survival of companies in the coming future. My descriptive research wants to create the grounds to answer the question “Are UK universities generating awareness about and preparing their students for an increasingly VUCA world and Agile way of working?”. It used an anonymous survey collecting insights on what degrees are preparing students to an Agile way of working, to what extent they are familiar with its practices and what type of direct training or ‘hidden curriculum’ they are exposed to. It also gathers information on the interest of students on the topic and their willingness to receive increased exposure and how.
Responses demonstrate that ….
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