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How to have fun at a remote team holiday party (or maybe don’t)

We asked our warm and welcoming community how their team is celebrating each other and the end of a year, while still being physically distant. Today we share some of the ideas.

Remote Team Holiday Fun #1: Play Games

Steph said her team is taking the afternoon off on a Friday to have fun together doing a few of their favourite things. First with a quiz on Kahoot, followed by breakout sessions of Two Truths, One Lie. The idea is that these breakouts bring together people who don’t work with each other as much. Finally they will vote on Slido for the best and funniest Christmas jumpers.

Similarly, we’ve heard of a team shipping everyone their preferred cocktails and mocktails to enjoy during a virtual quiz.

Remote Team Holiday Fun #2: Hold an Open Space

Inspired by SoCraTes UK, Dan’s team held an open space — or sort of unconference — where the aim is to allow people to come together and to offer to facilitate on topics dynamically – and follow the Law of Two Feet so “whatever happens is the right thing to have dynamic and perhaps sometimes unexpected conversations.”

Dan said they set up a Zoom with differently named rooms and then corners in each room where teammates could choose to move within or breakout as well. Plus, important chill-out spaces.

He said because they work across a broad range of timezones, they had three kick-offs each day, where open spaces usually only have one. A kick-off entails warmups and intros, followed by people suggesting subjects and then self-organising into slots and room. Then people just go to share and listen to what they think is interesting.

Remote Team Holiday Fun #3: Team-Building Games

Andrea talked about the importance of playing agile and team-building games with your virtual teams. Here are a

Or just Don’t do anything

Kara reminded us that, no matter how much we like our teammates, we are all sick of being on video calls. So what if we don’t have a meeting? What if you give the afternoon off early? Or encourage everyone to take a long lunch break, watch the movie of their choice and your company pays for the takeaway? That’s a great way to support local business and your teammates’ ability to disconnect.

No matter how you spend the next couple weeks, we hope you have a good disconnect, good food and good laughs. Thanks for being part of our community in 2020!

Happy New Year!
The Aginext Team